A hackathon and weekly Summits throughout October

At the beginning of October, we invited the Ethereum community to join us at ETHOnline, ETHGlobal’s largest event of 2020.

Now that the month has concluded, we can say it was amazing to see the community participate throughout the month. ETHOnline was an…

The permissionless nature of Ethereum has costs — but it’s necessary & beneficial

this essay has been paired with dark forest audio. listen here while you read

Ethereum is technically, socially, and politically permissionless — meaning anyone can access these layers. Though this openness introduces costs to the community, it is what makes Ethereum such a dynamic ecosystem. …

A summary of ETHGlobal’s first online, long-form event

It’s been a few weeks since the HackMoney Finale and we are still taking it all in. As ETHGlobal’s first online, long-form event, we were entering into a new environment at the same time as hackers. Suffice it to say, HackMoney blew…

Trenton Van Epps

Current: Coordinating @ Ethereum Core Dev call. Past: Community @ ETHGlobal. Interested in how chain culture manifests.

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