This report was authored with input from the ETHGlobal team. Thank you as well to the Ethereum community members that helped to structure the initial survey.

  1. Overview
  2. Key Results
  3. Survey Analysis
    a. Demography
    b. Work
    c. Technology and Skills
    d. Building on Ethereum
    e. Most Popular Tech

1. Overview

In February of this year, we put out the call for our first ever Ethereum Developer Survey. While there have been many smaller case studies, we believe this is the most comprehensive survey of the Ethereum developer community to date.

We were fortunate to have 723 developers respond — a huge thanks to…

A hackathon and weekly Summits throughout October

At the beginning of October, we invited the Ethereum community to join us at ETHOnline, ETHGlobal’s largest event of 2020.

Now that the month has concluded, we can say it was amazing to see the community participate throughout the month. ETHOnline was an event completely different from anything we’ve done before, made successful by the wholehearted support by the Ethereum community.

Read on for summaries of the Summits, Hackathon, and more on what the ETHGlobal team will be bringing the community next.

ETHOnline Summits

This was a series of weekly summits held every Friday that…

Reproduced from this thread. “FALSE SEQUENTIALITY” credit to Danny Ryan.

The eth1 >> eth2 naming convention implies SEQUENTIALITY: aka things are strictly ordered. In reality, there will be some overlap during the transition — and that’s ok. #serenity (disclaimer: phases not set to a timescale, this is a possible future, not official)

Key Points: — ETH1x: existing user data, your favorite dapps will continue to exist unchanged until Phase 1.5. — Deposit contract state bootstraps Phase 0 Genesis from ETH1x

Phase 0: Once enough ETH is sent to the contract, the Beacon Chain will begin. Validators will only be responsible…

The permissionless nature of Ethereum has costs — but it’s necessary & beneficial

this essay has been paired with dark forest audio. listen here while you read


Ethereum is technically, socially, and politically permissionless — meaning anyone can access these layers. Though this openness introduces costs to the community, it is what makes Ethereum such a dynamic ecosystem. We must always remember this reality and not be dissuaded or distracted from what we are building: a global arena for cooperative games.


In their “Ethereum is a Dark Forest” article, Dan Robinson and Georgios Konstantopoulos drew a comparison between Ethereum’s adversarial environment and the concept of a “dark forest.” …

A summary of ETHGlobal’s first online, long-form event

It’s been a few weeks since the HackMoney Finale and we are still taking it all in. As ETHGlobal’s first online, long-form event, we were entering into a new environment at the same time as hackers. Suffice it to say, HackMoney blew past our expectations. Here are some high level metrics:

  • > 300 hackers submitted projects
  • 65 countries were represented in hacker applications
  • 120 projects were submitted (check out every project in the the HackMoney Showcase)

HackMoney was only possible with the support of an amazing group of elite sponsors. They make…

Welcome to Survey Spotlight, where we take responses to the
ETHGlobal developer survey and expand them into a blog post.
Spotlight #3 features Vitalik Buterin and a few of his survey responses.

Vitalik is the inventor and one of the cofounders of Ethereum. Currently, he works with the Ethereum 2.0 (Serenity) team as a protocol researcher.

Haven’t filled out the survey yet yourself? 👉 ETHGlobal Developer Survey

Everyone who completes it is eligible to win:

  • 💰 1 of 10 prizes of 100 DAI -
  • ✈️ 1 of 3 free return flights to an ETHGlobal event
  • 🎟 1 of 2 free…

Welcome to Survey Spotlight, where we take responses to the ETHGlobal developer survey and expand them into a blog post. Spotlight #2 features Aparna Krishnan and a few of her survey responses.

Aparna is a cofounder of Opyn, a recently launched platform for DeFi protection and risk management. Previously, she was the co-founder of Mechanism Labs — an open source blockchain research lab. Aparna also founded Blockchain at Berkeley, and was awarded a Thiel Fellowship in 2018.

Haven’t filled out the survey yet yourself? 👉 ETHGlobal Developer Survey

Everyone who completes it is eligible to win:

  • 💰 1 of 10…

Welcome to Survey Spotlight, where we take a response to the ETHGlobal developer survey and expand them into a blog post. Spotlight #1 features Austin Griffith and a few of his responses.

If you haven’t already, please share your perspective and background: ETHGlobal Developer Survey

While you may know him as the guy behind the Burner Wallet, Austin had been tinkering with Ethereum for a while before that. He is currently working with the Ethereum Foundation to strengthen the developer ecosystem. Let’s explore some of his responses!

When the lightbulb goes off and you have a great idea for something…

Team Splunk!

The third ETHDenver hackathon took place over February 14–16, resulting in an amazing assortment of projects submitted by hackers. For the second year running, the organisers constructed a pop-up economy for a few days that let attendees transact with vendors or donate to charities. Splunk and Whiteblock worked together to support and visualise this payment network. Watch the video below or read on to see how it all worked.

this might be you

You’ve probably heard that Ethereum 2.0 is launching this year. Perhaps you saw some talks from Devcon V, or saw the new testnet block explorers from Etherscan, Bitfly or Alethio. And, yes, it is launching!

However, a slew of misconceptions have emerged amidst the disillusionment of the bear market. I’ve gathered some of the most common ones, along with some context, a correction, or source. Here’s the list:

  1. “Eth2 will never launch”
  2. “The transition to Eth2 makes Eth1 immediately deprecated”
  3. “There will be two ETH tokens from the fork”
  4. “All Eth2 decisions are made by Vitalik”
  5. “Eth2 is a catch-all…

Trenton Van Epps

Current: Coordinating @ Ethereum Core Dev call. Past: Community @ ETHGlobal. Interested in how chain culture manifests.

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